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Our mission at master's is to create a safe vibe for healing through massage therapy.

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For over five years, Makayla has provided professional massage services for her dedicated clients. She started her own business and opened a deluxe studio while also catering to hotel venues and residential homes. Her focus is to meet her client's needs giving them a five star experience with customized massage and therapeutic bodywork services. Makayla has mastered lymphatic drainage and deep tissue massage. Her team is staffed with trained  professionals who perform  rejuvenating massage services that address the mind, body, and spirit.


Body Contour/Lymphatic Drainage 



Ryanne is a certified massage therapist From Saint Paul College. With her caring and intuitive nature she takes her clients to a deep state of relaxation. If you are having anxiety, neck pain, muscle tension, or headaches she would be your perfect therapist.

Lena is a certified body contour and cavitation specialist
and has been working on body contours 
for over two years. Lena has a sweet and fun attitude and makes you feel very comfortable and cared for with her professional energy.



Kacy has been a certified massage therapist for 14 years graduating from Center point school for massage. Kacy is caring, attentive, and loves to make sure her clients are feeling rejuvenated after a massage session. Kacy has mastered the art of deep tissue and therapeutic massage. 



Amber has been a certified/licensed massage therapist for over a decade. Her passion is making sure her clients feel their best! She specializes in injury,  recovery, and rehabilitation massage. Amber is efficient, detailed, patient, attentive, and focuses in on improving clients overall experience. She's mastered deep tissue and therapeutic Massage techniques. 

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